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Who We Are

WoodenMetal is a family-owned, Denver, CO based design-build company specializing in custom furniture, case work, and art installations for both commercial businesses and homes. We strive to create products that are as sustainable as possible. Our zero-waste model means that we build made-to-order products with any drops then repurposed to unique art and other small projects. Our sawdust is 100% composted so that we can contribute to the regeneration of the beautiful wood that we use to create our products.

​WoodenMetal’s made-to-order approach means that we will work closely with you from start to finish. We will help you design your perfect piece, then lead you through the process of choosing the best wood and any other functional elements to fit your style. We even give you ideas for uses of the drops from your unique project, so nothing goes to waste.

Our fee structure is based on hourly shop-rates. Your custom order will have an estimated quote based on historic shop run-times, but may be subject to change according to change-order requests or additional customizations. We love working with our clients to optimize their orders and costs. 

If your order will require a countertop, we do work only with solid-surfaces. If you're requiring granite, stone, marble, etc for your countertops, we will be happy to coordinate with the countertop company of your choice for any installations, however we do not sub-contract with these companies as part of our quote.

Jonathan Hicks

Our founder, Jonathan, developed the WoodenMetal brainchild back in 2013 in the garage of a small Arvada, CO home. But Jonathan didn’t just start creating in 2013, he was raised on a 20-acre farm in Alabama where, even as a young kid, he was creatively building anything from chicken coops to dirt bikes. It wasn’t until 2015 that Jonathan decided to devote his heart and soul to building a creatively sustainable design-build business. When he isn’t creating unique projects for WoodenMetal, Jonathan loves to disconnect in the mountains to enjoy just about any activity you can imagine.

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Brittany Hicks

A Physician Assistant in Trauma Surgery by trade, Brittany works behind the scenes to keep WoodenMetal up and running while Jonathan continues to crank out creative ideas. With her background in business administration, Brittany helps to ensure the business operates smoothly and efficiently. When she isn’t practicing medicine or marketing for WoodenMetal, Brittany thrives by enjoying any outdoor activity that Colorado throws her way.

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